Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions that our clients usually ask us and that we hope will help to solve their doubts to communicate with us so that we can provide our services.

The skipper is only responsible for steering the boat and keeping the boat's deck clean. Normally, the passengers help in the navigation and the skipper participates in the tasks on board as one of the group.

No. The charter company offers you the possibility of leaving the responsibility of piloting in the hands of a professional skipper.

Yes, but the skipper is the one who knows the area and has the weather information to decide at the last moment, the safety of all the people and the boat has priority above all.

Legally you could, but you should not. Piloting a boat is a responsibility. Your companions trust you and at sea you may be surprised by weather changes that may jeopardize your safety. With a group outings with skipper you can acquire the necessary experience for future outings without skipper. In addition, some rental companies, even with the necessary qualifications, may require a certain amount of experience to rent you the boat without a skipper.


More Questions

It depends on the homologation of the boat. Each vessel is approved for a specific navigation area and for a specific number of passengers. When making the reservation you must be clear about the number of passengers you are going to be and communicate it to the rental company.

As far as you want as long as you take into account that you need some time to go and some time to return, you have to take into account that depending on the qualification you have, you have limited the distance from the coast.

The rental boats are fully equipped for navigation, you will find everything you need, all the electronics to make navigation safe, as well as the mandatory safety materials.

First of all, the cost of the rental and the deposit in case of rental without skipper, which will be refunded on the last day if we return the boat in perfect condition. The cost of the skipper, if hired, and the final cleaning, which is mandatory

You should contact the rental company to let them know what has happened so that they can take the necessary steps to solve the problem. Make sure you have a contact phone number to call if anything unexpected happens while sailing, or if you need to ask a question.

The rental company is committed to deliver a boat in perfect condition and fully equipped to have a perfect navigation.

Yes. It is normal to rent boats for single days or per week, the charter time is usually 8 hours.

No. In fact, a great experience is to anchor in safe places where you can spend the night without noises around you, rocked by the sea. Normally the rental price includes mooring in the base port, but if you decide to stay overnight in another port, the costs are borne by the customer.

In addition to your luggage and provisions, it will be necessary to know if you are going to sleep on board if the rental includes sheets and towels.

The cost of mooring at the home port is included. The rest of the moorings as well as the gasoline used and the provisioning are at the client's expense.

You should contact the rental company, they usually have contracted multi assistance insurance so that they can send a mechanic or an assistance boat to the place where you are.


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